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New partnership with with Next 3 Srl and AP Legal

We are pleased to announce that our firm De Martini, Dugo, Nisli e Associati has entered into a collaboration agreement with the company Next 3 Srl, specialized in payroll processing and labor consultancy, as well as with the law firm AP Legal, for the creation of a network capable of expanding the services of labour consultancy and payroll preparation of its clients’ employees and collaborators.

The partnership with Next 3 Srl and Dr. Alberto Ciocioni, a partner of the company, labour consultant and collaborator of our associated firm for several years, will allow a better integration of labor consultancy services with our associated firm, without however determining any changes in the relationships with our clients as both communication channels and information flows remain the same.

The law firm AP Legal will be able to provide our clients with out-of-court advice on extraordinary transactions with reference to labour and trade union law profiles, corporate restructuring aimed at staff reduction, and the management of litigation related to employment relationships