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About Us

De Martini-Dugo-Nisli Associati

De Martini-Dugo-Nisli Associati is a professional association of Chartered Accountants and Legal Auditors with offices in Milan. We have been operating since 1987 as accountants and statutory auditors, with international groups and Italian and foreign companies.

The firm is made up of three partners Chartered Accountants and Auditors, one associate Chartered Accountant and Auditor and four employees.

De Martini e Associati provides assistance in all aspects of the ordinary and extraordinary operations of companies and bodies. We are expert consultants in the fields of business economics, law, accounting and taxation, in national and international contexts.

A brief history

De Martini-Dugo-Nisli Associati was founded in 1987 in Milan by Alessandro De Martini, a Chartered Accountant and Auditor. Milan has always been a strategic location for international groups that intend to start a business in Italy.

The city’s European and international vocation has led Alessandro De Martini to specialize in tax consultancy for medium and large companies.

Together with his collaborators, Alessandro De Martini delves into corporate law, national and international tax law and procedures for extraordinary transactions. The firm has acquired a name in business consulting for big companies, Italian branches of foreign groups and Italian companies.

Alessandro Nisli and Giuseppe Dugo work with Alessandro De Martini. Both have been working with the firm since the period of compulsory practice for access to the professional qualification exam.

Today, doctors De Martini, Dugo and Nisli have decided to join forces to create De Martini-Dugo-Nisli Associati.

Our vision

Our firm works to offer a high quality service, updated and adapted to continuous regulatory developments.

Strategy, intelligent distribution of work, organization and corporate reorganization: there is a solution for every problem, including in the area of tax litigation.

Over the years, De Martini-Dugo-Nisli has developed strong specialist skills in bureaucratic, tax and administrative matters for large Italian and foreign companies.

We know the needs of international companies and we know how to make simple any complexity in the management of tax and regulatory obligations, according to Italian law.

Partners & Collaborators

Thanks to the collaboration with Orazio Giordano, Chartered Accountant and our four specialized employees, the firm offers the most extensive accounting and tax services and labor consulting.

Our partners and employees interact with clients to solve daily and extraordinary problems of any accounting, tax and corporate nature.

We carry out payroll, salary and contribution processing activities, but we also offer management and organizational consulting and training for more efficient operations in the company.

Specialized in:

Representative offices in Italy

Opening companies of any kind, organizations and representative offices in Italy. To manage branches, secondary offices of foreign companies, local units with production, sales and marketing offices.

International tax law

Problems of international tax law, regulations for foreign companies. Tax and social security compliance for foreign companies with employees in Italy: comply with deadlines and legal obligations.

Tax litigation

To act as defendants in tax disputes, to provide technical and procedural assistance to companies. Solve problems of tax litigation, mediate in a tax process.

Extraordinary transactions

Assisting in the management of extraordinary operations such as mergers, demergers, disposals of businesses, companies or their branches, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations.