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Team Member


Alessandro De Martini

Certified Chartered Accountant, Legal Auditor, Associate Partner

Founder of the firm, specialized in tax and international law. He has assisted numerous international groups to start their activities in Italy, demonstrating his organizational and leadership skills. The international dimension of Milan has always encouraged him to look at new markets, not just Italian ones.

Giuseppe Dugo

Certified Chartered Accountant, Legal Auditor, Associate Partner

Experience in national and international taxation. He holds the position of Auditor and Liquidator in commercial and industrial companies. In addition to multinational groups, he has expertise in consulting for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. He loves the duality between technical and human aspects of work and the new international dimension of Milan is an important stimulus to the profession.

Alessandro Nisli

Certified Chartered Accountant, Legal Auditor, Associate Partner

A long experience in consulting for companies and groups, both in national and international contexts. He loves to support clients in their “field” activities, helping them to identify successful solutions in the face of the decisions they are called upon to make. The versatility of Milan, its mix of modernity and tradition are the driving force behind life.


Orazio Giordano

Dottore Commercialista, Chartered Accountant

Giorgio De Martini

Dottore Commercialista, Chartered Accountant

Arianna Lorini

Contabile Senior, Accounting Specialist

Virginia Re

Contabile Junior, Accounting Department