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De Martini e Associati. Chartered accountants and legal auditors.

What we offer

Assistance in all aspects of the ordinary and extraordinary operations of companies and bodies. We are expert consultants in the fields of business economics, law, accounting and taxation, in national and international contexts..

If your objectives are

Open an office in Italy of a multinational without organizational problems. Easily manage mergers, acquisitions, transfers of business units. Respect Italian tax obligations without complications. Work in Italy with profit, avoiding litigation and excessive costs.


Tax: Get the right advice on Italian taxes and regulations for large organizations. Law: find your trusted partner to solve legal problems. Corporate governance: to manage, from the beginning, an efficient process with a business risk assessment and an alert system.


Rely on a specialized consultant, with years of experience, solid skills in auditing, business risk monitoring, auditing, international law. To have a partner in Italy that takes care of everything and keeps under control the updates of the Italian regulations.

De Martini e Associati

De Martini e Associati is a professional association of chartered accountants and legal auditors with offices in Milan.

We have been operating since 1987 as chartered accountants and statutory auditors, with international groups and Italian and foreign companies.

The firm is made up of three partners: Chartered Accountants and Legal Auditors, one associate Chartered Accountant and Auditor and four employees.

Areas of expertise

Our partners and employees interact with customers to solve daily and extraordinary problems of any accounting, tax and corporate nature.

Corporate Finance

Support in opening companies of all kinds, permanent establishments and representative offices in Italy and in solving problems of international tax law. Control of transfer pricing.

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Enterprise crisis monitoring

Monitoring of all company assets with the aim of intercepting crisis indicators, identification of interventions to safeguard companies in difficulty.

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Extraordinary transactions

Assistance in every phase of extraordinary operations such as mergers, demergers, disposals of business, companies or their branches, acquisitions and corporate reorganizations. Preventive due diligence (pre-acquisition due diligence).

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Other Sectors

Our partners and employees interact with customers to solve daily and extraordinary problems of any accounting, tax and corporate nature.

Audit & Assurance

Auditing, Transition to IFRS & US GAAP, Auditing of projects financed by the EU, the State and local authorities, IS Audit & Compliance, Organizational Model 231, Transfer pricing documentation, Statutory audit and accounting auditing. External auditing activities.


Corporate Finance, Risk & Compliance, Sustainability, Digital Consulting. Business Consultancy: analysis and evaluation of businesses, quotes and/or shares, individual assets and specific economic events. Assistance in the preparation of the social report for companies and enterprises.

Business Services & Outsourcing

Accounting & reporting, Establishment of companies, branches, representative offices, Administrative management of expatriates, Payroll and personnel administration, Tax representation and direct identification, Legal secretariat and corporate affairs.

Tax & Law

Advice and assistance in relationships with the tax authorities, in the fulfilment of tax returns and in tax assessments. Assistance as a tax lawyer before the Provincial and Regional Tax Courts.

Corporate and contractual consultancy

Advice and assistance for the establishment, modification and dissolution of any type of company; formation of contracts and problems related to their execution, preparation of individual company financial statements and consolidated financial statements.

Work, salaries and social contributions

Labor law consultancy, payroll service and assistance with payment and social contribution obligations.

Business Sector



Since 2020 De Martini e Associati has collaborated with the auditing firm LCR & PARTNERS AUDITING SRL.

Since 2020 De Martini e Associati has collaborated with the auditing firm LCR & PARTNERS AUDITING SRL.

De Martini e Associati is pleased to announce its collaboration with the auditing firm LCR.Read More

23 January 2020  By : Claudia Silivestro
Limitations on offsetting of substitute tax credits

Limitations on offsetting of substitute tax credits

Article 3, paragraphs from 1 to 3 of law DL 26/10/19 No. 124 imposed a.Read More

15 January 2020  By : dm@ass18ti
Penalty for invoices sent late

Penalty for invoices sent late

Failure to issue the invoice within the set deadline, resulting from the untimely transmission of.Read More

10 January 2020  By : Claudia Silivestro